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Our purpose

When it comes to creating data, we have never been so productive. But the more we have, the harder it is to interpret and share.

CrustyBase aims to unite our scientific efforts by serving as a community database for crustacean transcriptome data. Find new datasets with the Data Browser, then use the BLAST tool to find specific sequences within them.

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Our data

CrustyBase started with a great dataset that we really wanted to share.

By utilizing the unique life history of the rock lobster, we generated a transcriptome series providing novel insights into arthropod development.

Ornate spiny lobster

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Contribute your data

If you have access to crustacean transcriptomes, why not share them with the world?

We allow two levels of data access, so you can even share data without exposing the raw data needed for publishing. We hope that this will enable more collaboration and prevent researchers from missing out on data that would have enabled discoveries.

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